Userbase Commands - Brief
Abort_insert Abort an insert to a database.
Abort_transaction Abort (roll back a transaction.
Add Insert a record to a database.
Attach Attach to a process
Begin_case Begin a multi-case evaluation block.
Begin_insert Begin an insert to a database.
Begin_transaction Begin a transaction.
Break Break (stop) at this statement if running in debug mode.
Break_footing Begin a break footing section of a report form.
Break_heading Begin a break heading section of a report form.
Case Evaluate a case expression.
Change Alter a key in an indexed database.
Close Close a database, link, pointer, scan or text file.
Commit Commit (End) a transaction.
Continue Continue executing from top of loop (repeat or reiterate a loop).
Database Define a database to be opened in the Database section of a program.
Dcl Initiate and communicate to a cached sub-process.
Decrement Decrease a variable or field by a value.
Define_key Define a key to evaluate a DML expression.
Delete Remove a record from a database.
Delink Delete a link between a master and a detail record.
Describe Invoke the DESCRIBE utility.
Display Show data on a form.
Dml Execute an expression as a DML statement.
Else Alternate if conditions.
End End the program.
End_case End a multi-case evaluation block.
End_error End an error handling section of code.
End_footing End the break or page footing section of a report form.
End_heading End the heading section of a report form.
End_if End a conditional section of code.
End_insert End an insert to a database.
End_loop Mark the end of a repeated section.
End_transaction End (commit) a transaction.
Error Ring the bell, purge type-ahead, and print and print an error message in the error window.
Exit Exit the current loop, and continue from the next statement after the end of the loop.
Get Get a record in a database.
Getlink Get the next linked detail record.
Getptr Get a record from a database using a pointer file.
Gosub Execute a DML subroutine.
Goto Branch to a label. Continue execution at the instruction after the label.
Graph Produce a graph on the screen or in a file.
Idml Execute a compiled IDML program.
If Execute statements conditionally.
Increment Increase a variable or field by a value.
Input Input into a variable, array element, or field.
Link Link the current master and detail records.
Local Declare a local variable.
Logout Log out of the current session.
Loop Begin a repeated section.
Maintain Invoke the MAINTAIN utility.
Menu Execute a form as a menu.
Message Print a message in the error window at the bottom of the screen.
No_error Turn off any error trap set by the ON_ERROR statement.
On_error Trap an error.
Open Open a text file.
Opendb Open a database.
Openlink Open a link file and set up a link relationship.
Openptr Open a pointer file for a database.
Openscan Open a name scan file.
Output Output to a form.
Page_footing Begin a page footing section of a report form.
Page_heading Begin a page heading section of a report form.
Parameters Receive parameters from DCL or a calling routine.
Pause Wait for user input or sleep.
Perform Execute a form.
Print Print to a form or file.
Putptr Put a pointer record to the pointer file with the current record number or record I.D.
Read Read a line of data from a text file or a form.
Refresh Repaint a form with only the text and lines that show when the form is first performed.
Remove Remove a form from the screen.
Report Produce a report.
Return Return from a subroutine.
Rewind Rewind the database (used in conjunction with GET).
Rollback Roll back the updates to a record, or roll back (abort) a transaction.
Scan Scan for a record with a field that matches a pattern, using a name scan file.
Select Select, sort, and/or join database records.
Show Show the contents of any INPUTs and/or OUTPUTs on a form.
Spawn Spawn a sub-process.
Table_edit Provide a window into the database.
Unlock Unlock the database record.
Update Update the current database record with any modifications.

Functions Functions which are built into the language of IDML.
UserBase IDML spacing gif; a single clear pixel


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