Print to a form or file, or if in debug mode, print to the message window.
See also DISPLAY. For visual representation of output to a form,
see OUTPUT and SHOW.

 Print | [to OUTPUT] |[item; item ..., item... ]
 | [to OUTPUT] |
File or form to which to print. If not specified, output is directed to the current cursor position. If output is directed to a file, use the name tag specified when the file was opened.
 item1; item2...Items to print. Separate multiple items with semicolons (;). Separate multiple lines with a comma. End the print list with a semicolon to stay on the same line after the print.
 Printing to the last line of a form without a trailing semi-colon causes the next print to scroll the form up one line. Printing to a form when the form is being used for a REPORT (i.e. Report DB /Form=FORMNAME), redirects the output to the report output stream. Cursor positioning also behaves in the same way that using an OUTPUT would. Note that the cursor in a report is left as if a print with a trailing semi colon had been executed (i.e. the cursor is left at the end of the line). Therefore, you must finish the final line.
 Print "","some text" ! The given text is placed after the last line OUTPUT