Ring the bell, purge the type-ahead buffer, and print an error message in the error window.

 Error [item; item... , item; item ...]
 item; item...List of items to print on each line of the error window. Separate multiple items with semicolons.
 The error window is removed after the next INPUT or after the next menu item selection. For informational messages, use the MESSAGE statement. To purge the type-ahead buffer and remove the error window without ringing the bell, use the error statement alone without a list of items.
 Multiple-line error messages can be displayed by separating each group of items by a comma (,). The error window expands in height from the bottom of the screen to contain the multiple lines of data.

 Error "Can't find employee "; employee_key
 ! Single line error message
 Error %EMSG, "Try the LIST key (PF3) for info on "; DB(%NAME)
 ! Two line error message