Wait for input, or sleep for a number of seconds.

 Pause [n]
  n Number of seconds to wait.
    If not specified, the program pauses until the user presses any key. The key entered can be examined with the %ACTION and %GOLD internal variables.

 This command stops the program running. Nothing is displayed on the screen to the user when this command is invoked so it is up to the programmer to output an appropriate message before the pause. The program will continue to run when the user presses the Return key. If pause is used without an argument the program pauses for an infinite length of time or until Return is pressed. If an argument is used it must be a positive integer indicating the number of seconds that the program is to pause for. WARNING: If pause is used in any programs to be run in batch mode then there should always be an argument otherwise it will pause indefinitely.

 Error "Press any key to continue"
 Message "Record not found"
 Pause 3