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Physical Tags

B Bold
I Italic
U Underscored
TT Typewriter
S Strikeout
DFN Definition. In Internet Explorer this displays as italic.
BLINK If you are using Netscape then this should be blinking!

Logical Tags


Strong:usually bold
Address:Usually Italic

CITE:Used for quoting text (usually italic).
*CODE:Monospaced font; (usually Courier).
*SAMP:Monospaced font; (usually Courier).
*KBD:Monospaced font; (usually Courier).
BIG:Makes text one size larger.
SMALL:Makes text one size smaller.
SUP:Renders text as superscript.
SUB:Renders text as subscript.
ABBREV:Logically denotes abbreviations.
ACRONYM:Logically denotes acronyms.
PERSON:Denotes a name for indexing purposes.
Q:Denotes a short inline quotation.
VAR:Denotes a variable name, usually rendered in italics.
CODE,SAMP and KBD are particularly useful if your document contains actual code that you are trying to explain to the reader.

Welcome to Marcus Lesniak's Web Site
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