Meet The Family

* Marcus in the kitchen. (marcus.jpg)
* Me at Carlton Towers. (marcus01.jpg)
* Karen on holiday. (Karen98.jpg)
* My Father, Julian, Felicity & Samuel. (Julian01.jpg)
* My mother and fathers wedding day.
* Julian,Felicity,Rowan,Helena,Helen & Me. (Julian02.jpg)
* My sister, Helen, and niece, Vicky. (helenv1.jpg)
* Helen and Marcus
* My cousins Marcin & Mariusz (twins.jpg 210kb).
* Our wedding day. (regoff.jpg)
* Barry, Karen, Sybil & Marcus (BKS&M_NewYear2001.jpg)
Photo of me in the kitchen
Marcus in the kitchen.
Me enjoying an icecream at a concert Karen on holiday Our wedding day, 19th Sep 1997
Samuel, Julian and Felicity Julian, Rowan, Helena, Helen, Marcus Helen and VickyBarry, Karen, Sybil and Marcus. New Year 2001 Mariusz and Marcin

I couldn't forget my mother, Dolores Allen.

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