One of my pastimes is cycling but I have not done as much of it as would like to have done. I'm not a racing type cyclist and I can not see the point of doing lots of cycling in bad weather so I suppose you could call me a 'fair weather cyclist'.
My last modification to my bicycle was to replace my old rat-trap pedals and toe-clips with a pair of SPD pedals. They take a bit of getting used to and are probably best used for long-distances and out of town riding. They do, however, work very well.
A few years ago I purchased a mountain bike. So I now have a grand total of just two bicycles. The mountain bike has front suspension and a grand total of 21 gears. One of the features that I like is the disc braking system. The advantage of the disc brakes is that they still work in the wet - a good safety feature I think.
This year (2011) I decided to give my old trusty steed a much needed face-lift, so I have sent off the frame for a proper re-spray job. I am still waiting for it to be returned. Waiting in eager anticipation.
Here are some photographs of a complete strip down that I did to make my frame ready for repainting. Complete strip down

A local ride.

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