Receive parameters from DCL or other IDML programs, or from
calling subroutines and forms.

 Parameters par1 [,par2] [,par3...] [par12]
 The parameter names listed are local to the routine.
 IDML can not modify parameters passed from DCL, but otherwise parameters can be modified unless they are constants. The passed parameter is modified as the routine returns except in the case of variables and arrays where elements are modified directly. This means that if a passed parameter is a DB(FLD), the data is not stored back in the field until the called routine returns.

 Gosub SUBR22 /Parameters=a, DB(FLD), item[ ], data[ ]
 Perform FORM /Parameters=a, DB(FLD), item[ ], data[ ]
 This example shows two routines being called with parameters of a variable, a database field, a whole array and an element of an array.
 The routines must also receive the parameters with the parameters statement.
 Parameters par1[,par2] [,par3...] [par12]
 For the above example, this could be:
 Parameters x, y, array[ ], z