Execute a DML subroutine.

 Gosub | SUBR | [/Parameters=(par1 [,par2...])]
  | #expr |
 SUBR  Name of the subroutine to execute.
 #expr Expression indicating the name of the subroutine to execute.

 Gosub SUBR22 /Parameters=a, DB(FLD), item[], data[1]
 The last example shows a subroutine being called with parameters of a variable, a database field, a whole array, and an element of an array. The routine must also receive the parameters with the PARAMETERS statement.
 Parameters par1 [,par2] [,par3 ...] [,par12]
 For the above example, this could be:
 Parameters x, y, array[ ], z

 Invoke a SUBROUTINE. This command will invoke a subroutine; a clearly identifiable program section. Using subroutines can greatly aid the readability of a program. They can also be very useful when trying to debug a program.