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Does anyone remember 'The Prisoner'; that wierd series from the 1960's, or was it the 1970's?

The boring facts and dates.
Name: Marcus Lesniak

Microsoft Certified Professional

Home Telephone Number: 01280 706692
Mobile Telephone Number: 07969 764542
Work Telephone Number: 01295 270333
Email address: Marcus@Lesniak.co.uk
Nationality: British
Sex: Male
Marital status: Married

Educational Qualifications
Qualification Educational Establishment
B.A. degree with honours in Combined Studies. University of Leicester
Main: English Literature.
Diploma in computing 2010 Open University
GCE A' Levels Grade
English Lit. D 1975 JMB Gateway Boys School, Leicester
Sociology E 1975 AEB 1973-1976
Economics C 1976 JMB
Sociology D 1976 AEB
GCE O' Levels
Mathematics 4 1973 AEB English Martyrs, Leicester
English Language 4 1973 AEB 1968-1973
Biology 6 1973 AEB
Art 6 1973 AEB
Woodwork 4 1973 AEB
Objective To write programs for business systems and manufacturing processes.
Functional Summary Experienced in multi-user programming, database and systems management.


Dates: 1995 to present
Employer: Norbar Torque Tools Limited
Location: Banbury, Oxfordshire
Position: Analyst/Programmer
  • Write customisation program changes to a large, modular manufacturing suite of applications.
  • Currently providing technical assistance to a team charged with implementing a change from the existing business/manufacturing system to a new integrated, modular business system in a Windows NT platform.
  • Provide user support at all levels.
  • Systems administration on a VAX/VMS Mini-computer and 10 Windows NT/Terminal Server Servers.
Dates: 1994-1995
Employer: Tunstall Telecom
Location: South Yorkshire
Position: Analyst/Programmer
  • Design and write program changes to a large, modular manufacturing suite of applications.
Dates: Apr 1994 - Nov 1994
Employer: Interconnection Systems Ltd.
Location: South Shields
Position: Analyst/Programmer
  • Specify and write program changes and new functionality to enhance the existing manufacturing suite of applications.
Dates: 1990-1994
Employer: Ross Systems (U.K.) Ltd
Location: Northampton
Position: Programmer/Support Technician
  • Write customisation programs for the Ross Systems Product, Command.
  • Provide telephone and online modem support for customers using Command.
Dates: 1988-1990
Employer: Bedford College of H.E.
Location: Bedford
Position: Computer Technician
  • Provide computer facilities for undergraduate and night school students.
  • Design & write single user programs for in-house use.
Dates: 1986-1988
Employer: Milton Keynes District Health Authority
Location: Milton Keynes
Position: Assistant Patient Services Officer
  • Systems Administration for a system of DEC PDP & Plessey 1173 mini-computers.
  • Manage "Accident & Emergency" and maternity ward clerical staff to provide 365/24 cover.
Dates: 1985-1986
Employer: St Albans City Hospital
Location: St Albans
Position: Computer Supervisor
  • ICL Mainframe Systems administrator for St. Albans City Hospital & Hemel Hempstead General Hospital.
  • Provide assistance to the Area Health Authority team in implementing new software modules for patient administration.
  • Attend regular meetings with peers in the same health authority.

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